Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wow, some great content on How to Cut Hair

Ok, I have been chatting with another person, named Nadine, who is also all about how to cut hair, and she let me know that she has a great ebook on how to cut hair in your home. Now, you can rush right out and buy it if you like, but what I suggest is to go take a look at what she has in the way of free stuff on her site, and sign up for her newsletter, because I have been getting that for a couple of weeks now, and it is awesome!

Today I got her article on layers, and it was wicked, which prompted me to write this post. Though, I have to say, if you want to know how to cut hair right away, you probably just want to go to Nadine's site and just buy the ebook, as it has way more detailed and illustrated instructions on how to cut hair.

By the way, looks like I am getting great response in the poll about Bobs and Pobs, so I will probably be doing a post on how to cut hair in a pob and bob in the next couple of weeks!



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woodyw said...

Nadine Vissher, who is not a professional hairstylist and whose link appears here, literally stole all of her ideas from my original publication, Cut Hair At Home Like A Pro (c) 1992. Not only is my title ripped off but a lot of the phrasing of her plagerized work is taken verbatum. When her site first appeared some of her 'methods' mirrored my book so closely that I was compelled to search my records to see if she ever ordered my material. Sure enough, a few years before the thief's website appeared I have a receipt showing that she had ordered my material. Not only do I have 30 years experience as a professional licensed Stylist and salon owner, my book is a better value and can be ordered at Also my free haircutting tips can be found at I am current in the process of producing a first class hi def instructional video as a companion to the book which will be available by late spring.