Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sometimes it doesn't go perfectly

You know, sometimes you don't give yourself the best haircut. It happens. For example, I have very spiky hair with a lot of cow-licks, and this last time, my wife happily clippered my hair the way I always like it, but that day, my cow-licks did not co-operate, and a week later, my hair is looking kind of crazy.

But wait, this isn't a rant! A week later, my hair has grown out enough that I can just go ahead and cut it again, and the best part? I didn't pay $20 to get the same results with my cow-licks messing everything up :)

Cut your own hair, what do you have to lose, it WILL grow back, usually pretty quickly. If you mess it up, what have you lost? Two weeks of your normal do? Big deal, the world has bigger problems, and I guarantee you that most people are not noticing your hair right now, they are noticing their mortgage statements, their 401k's and their bank accounts. Heck, give yourself a good hair cut, and tell everyone you did. If you cut your own hair 25 times this year, instead of spending that out at the stylist, it could actually help out the bottom line on the budget, especially if you normally went to a stylist.

Give it a go, do it yourself, save some dollars, feel good about empowering yourself. You CAN do something to change.